Our courses in traditional Heartworks Lomi Lomi.

What does Lomi Lomi mean?

Lomi Lomi translates as massage and was created by Hawaiian Kahunas (in conjunction with other methods) to assist the body, mind and soul to heal. It looks at the whole person (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects) and their relationship to all things making way for clarity, awareness, lightness, love and freedom. It works by opening up the heart using hands, breathing, rhythm and energy flow.

Ancient Hawaiians lived by principles & philosophies that supported harmonious & responsible living with each other and their natural environment. These principles are used today to guide, create and support harmony in everyday life and remain a focus during massage.

Our courses


We facilitate our courses in a way that is practical, fun and out of the box. We believe the best way to learn is to experience….that's why we have designed our courses for you….to maximise your potential. Heartworks Lomi Lomi is a comprehensive flowing style massage that is ideal for all body types. You will gain insights, fresh perspectives, support and confidence to step forward into this new modality. These courses will give you skills and confidence to start massaging family, friends or even start a new business. No prior massage experience necessary. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of attainment from The Gentle Heart Lomi Lomi and Mettes Institute, be able to get insurance to massage professionally and become part of our Hawaiian massage Ohana.

Level 1

Our 3 day Level 1 Heartworks massage course is an ancient healing massage sequence passed down from Hawaiian elder & shaman Sherman Dudoit.

This course equips you with knowledge, tools, techniques and experience so you can provide thorough & beautiful traditional Hawaiian massage treatments as a hobby or as a business.

You will gain knowledge in draping, proper therapist posture, self care, client comfort and respect, you will receive plenty of massage, enjoy time out from routine and so much more. You will have the space to gain insights into your own life, form fresh friendships and connect in a fun environment while gaining skills for life.

Bring a friend or partner to retreat together.

Many people attend this course because they've always wanted to do massage but life got in the way. They integrate this new skill into their lives and love supporting the health of family and friends.

This course is a fantastic opportunity for you to enjoy something new and expand on your existing treatment offerings.

Where: Hideaway at Killcare
When: 6-8 October 2021
Investment: $690

Where: Newport Community Centre
When: 15-17 October 2021
Investment: $790

Level 1 Hours:
Day 1: 10am-5pm
Day 2: 9am-5pm
Day 3: 9am-4pm

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Level 2

Our 4 day Level 2 Heartworks massage course is a fantastic opportunity for you to fully integrate this incredible healing modality.

We take time to revise and refine foundational  level 1 Heartworks while blending new deeper techniques which will allow you to take your treatment to another level.

You will be able to expand your treatment time to 2 hrs, support your clients health in new ways, gain more knowledge of ancient Hawaiian ritual and philosophy & refine your technique so you can leave feeling a confident therapist. We have a focus on stronger technique in areas your clients need like shoulders, neck, leg, feet and stomach.

Our time together is about so much more than a massage course. Once again, you will gain insights into your own self, be nurtured and nourished body, mind and spirit in a fun open minded environment. It is time out of routine to help you become a competent professional massage therapist and happier human.

Where: Hideaway at Killcare
When: 18-21th June, 2021
Investment: $850

Level 2 Hours:
Day 1: 10am-5pm
Day 2: 9am-5pm
Day 3: 9am-5pm
Day 4: 9am-3pm

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Reasons to join us:

• Learn the skills to perform a beautiful traditional Hawaiian 90 minute massage sequence from a professional facilitator

• Start a new fulfilling career

• Learn how to build rapor & support clients

• Gain 22 (level 1) continuing education points

• Gain strength & fitness

• Gain knowledge of traditional Hawaiian principles and philosophy

• Retreat from your daily routine

• Personal empowerment, body awareness & healing

• Be nourished by fresh vegetarian food daily

• Gain practical skills that support you for life

• Delight in bush walks, yoga, dance & meditation

• Support from like minded people & become part of The Gentle Heart Ohana

• Receive plenty of massage over the course & begin a gentle cleanse

• Become a confident & competent therapist

• Be nurtured in a beautiful and safe environment

Upcoming course dates

Level 2

18-21 June, 2021
Killcare, NSW
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Level 1

6-8 October, 2021
Killcare, NSW
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Level 1

15-17 October, 2021
Newport Community Centre, NSW
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Be a part of our Level 2 Course on 18-21 June. Hosted at our very own Hideaway At Killcare.

Why learn with us?

We were established in 2016 after rigorous training at Australia's premier training facility, Mettes Institute in Queensland. Our aim is to wholeheartedly support you become a therapist who gives consistently great treatments. We work alongside Mettes Institute to ensure our workshops deliver you the most effective programs & up to date training.

Anyone can learn to give Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage so bring a friend or loved one to learn this beautiful healing art together. It's also a fantastic massage to learn if you are a carer at home or work. Not only will you have time away on retreat to be nourished body and soul but you will leave with new skills to nurture those around you.

What's to gain?

Professional training from experienced facilitators and therapists, amazing new traditional Hawaiian massage skills, a fulfilling career, the ability to support others health with ancient healing wisdom, learning in a loving environment with like minded people, personal clarity and so much more. We want you to walk away with your hands full of confidence and excitement in this profound healing modality. You gain connection, new perspectives, better health, greater wellbeing, fitness, personal aspirations & focus, skills for a better life and you have fun while you learn.

If you are already a therapist and need to gain CPE points this is an interesting course which will give you effective new skills to add to any wellness practice.

Our training is ATMS, Mettes Institute & IICT approved. All work shops are held in small groups to provide individual attention ensuring quality training.

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Wholesome and delicious meals provided to support the nourishment of your body and spirit

Packing list


1x yoga mat
1x single flat bed sheet to cover massage table
1x sarong
2x large towels
1x hand towel
Sneakers or good walking shoes
Water bottle
Hand Sanitiser
Comfortable clothes to massage in ie. exercise pants, singlets, sarongs etc.
An open willing heart & mind

Extras (if necessary)

​Medications (essential medications only)

*Please note: There is strictly no smoking or alcohol on the premises & no illicit substances.

*Courses overseas may require extra items
​& duration may vary. For a comprehensive overseas packing list, please contact us.

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