Our massage studio is surrounded by 7 acres of lush permaculture gardens in the beautiful tranquil town of Killcare, fronted by world famous Bouddi National Park.

Massage price list

Ka Huna Massage
The practitioner uses their hands, forearms and elbows in deep flowing movements to shift muscle tension, mental fatigue & emotional baggage to support the client to heal body, mind and spirit.
1.5 hours - $140
2 hours - $160
Add hot stones - $20
Heartworks Lomi Lomi
Gentle Hawaiian style massage using palms of hands in long flowing strokes that gently stretches fascia, muscles, opens joints & flushes the lymphatic system.
1.5 hours - $140
2 hours- $160
Remedial Massage
Remedial massage is a great style that targets specific muscle groups that are causing pain & tension but also provides a deep relaxation.
1 hour - $90
1.5 hours - $140
2 hours - $160
Pregnancy Massage
A relaxing massage for mother and child.
1 hour - $90
Text Ellen on 0401 804 285 to make your booking.

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